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These are added as we think of them. The links aren't in any order. If a valuable site is missing, please feel free to add it. reserves the right to omit sites based on content.

From Dave_B 31 August 2006 - We started getting enough links that I felt compelled to remove the Forum Member Suppliers section. Instead, regular forum contributers are bolded in the individual sections. This is just an idea. It's certainly not carved in stone. If you don't want to mess with an account, please feel free to PM me with any additions/corrections.

Boutique Suppliers

Smaller shops generally dedicated to stompbox parts. Regular DIYS contributers are in bold.

  • Aron's store A large selection of parts including pre-tested 3PDT switches. Purchases support the forum and the Wiki.
  • General Guitar Gadgets There's so much here. A very cool site to purchase pedals and view schematics. Fantastic!
  • Tonepad Projects, Layouts, a very cool site!
  • Small Bear Electronics Purchase parts for your pedals here. Steve is a great guy to do business with!
  • ArialFX Home of the highly regarded handmade Halo Inductor replica.
  • Pedal Parts Plus Friendly, fast service. Occasional brand substitution (Neutrik vs. Switchcraft for example), so be specific if you're particular about that sort of thing.
  • Futurlec Super-cheap prices on Alpha pots. Patience is often necessary when ordering, as turnaround can be slow with occasional reports of incorrect parts being sent. Issues are reportedly resolved in a quick and cordial manner by Futurlec. Lots of "offices" around the world, but it's generally assumed to be a small operation located in Thailand.
  • Banzai Musical Products Germany based supplier of DIY parts.
  • Classic Fuzz Source for Tropical Fish and Mullard mustard-yellow capacitors.
  • Cool, custom pedal enclosures!

Large Suppliers

  • Mouser Electronics General source for bench stocking. The carry lots of PIC micro parts but not AVR's. No minimum order.
  • Digikey Electronics General source for bench stocking. The default source for Atmel AVR micro supplies. $25 minimum to avoid $5 shipping charge.
  • Allied Electronics Source for Vactrol Optoisolators. No minimum order. Fast shipping. Weighty, expensive looking catalog.
  • Farnell InOne Not mentioned as often as some of the others. Farnell stocks Analog Devices chips.
  • Newark InOne Newark InOne is the American equivalent of Farnell InOne. As with Farnell, they carry a full line of components including Analog Devices.
  • Parts Express Speakers are their main business, but they also stock DIY tools and some electronic parts, including Hammond transformers and enclosures. Shipping tends to be at least $7.00US, so their not the best choice if you only need a single low-dollar item. Parts Express inventory can be ordered through Amazon, allowing customers to use Amazon gift certificates for Parts Express purchases.
  • Jameco One of the oldest mailorder houses. Often mentioned on DIYS as a source for breadboards.

Finishing Services

  • Kustom Powder Powder coating and drilling services. (Unfortunately, the site is now dead and Joe hasn't posted on DIYS since April.)
  • CNC Panels UK-based custom rack panel engraving.

DIY Sites






  • Focused on the 18-watt Marshall circuitry.