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THE PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! - But it's getting closer to be done... :)

Many of the names here are trademarks of their respective owners and are used only as a reference.


Information you should read before going to the effects section.

The effects

Top circuitry for the musician who never has enough knobs to turn and sounds to explore.


Effect's files

Ready to build effects

Those are the effects that have been reverse engineered, built and verified. With this info, you should be able to make a working replica of your pedal of choice. Of course, you can still submit info about them (for example, an improved layout, or revised project file).

  • Big Cheese files - Easy to intermediate project.
  • Brown Source files - Easy to intermediate project. Very similar to the Big Cheese.
  • Cheese Source files - Easy to intermediate difficulty. The effect consists of two separate effects which can work on their own, so testing is easier.
  • Meatball files - Intermediate to advanced project. Medium-large board, requires extensive off-board switch wiring, but one of the layouts is more straightforward.
  • Ring Stinger files - Very difficult project. Despite few external wiring is required, this is a large and complex build.
  • Tone Source files - Easy to intermediate project, perhaps a bit easier than the Brown Source.

Partially done effects

Something lacks in those projects to say they're ready to be built. Still, with lots of patience and experience, a brave soul can build a pedal out of the info available.

Effects under development

There's not even a schematic of those effects. Some have the files so as to reverse engineer them; others still hide in the darkest and deepest crack of the abyss.

Other stuff

We'll throw here what doesn't fit in any other category: files, articles, links... If you're into a build, be sure to make a visit!

Help wanted!

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